Microsoft AI Network for Cardiology with Apollo Hospitals to bring new insights in predicting population-based heart diseases

"Nearly three million heart attacks happen in India every year and there are 30 million people who are suffering from coronary diseases. It is almost an epidemic in this country," says Dr. J. Shiv Kumar, Chief of Cardiology, Apollo Hospitals, one of India's largest private healthcare companies in India.

Digital Agriculture: Farmers in India are using AI to increase crop yields

The fields had been freshly plowed. The furrows ran straight and deep. Yet, thousands of farmers across Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Karnataka waited to get a text message before they sowed the seeds. The SMS, which was delivered in Telugu and Kannada, their native languages, told them when to sow their groundnut crops.

Microsoft, L V Prasad Eye Institute and Global Experts Collaborate to Launch Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare

Hyderabad, 19 December 2016: Continuing to enhance real life impact through technology, Microsoft India, in collaboration with L V Prasad Eye Institute, today launched Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare (MINE). This is a mission-driven global consortium of like-minded commercial...

Transforming translation for Indian languages with AI

At Microsoft, we believe that for India to become truly digital, we need to make technology accessible and productive for all, irrespective of the language they may speak or read. To break the language barrier, we started working with Indian languages two decades ago and launched Project Bhasha in 1998 to accelerate computing in Indian languages.

UST Global takes a Bot Journey

UST Global needed a more streamlined approach that would facilitate their employees to avail information over the intranet and accessing applications. The company identified these as areas that need improvement and could result in a better employee experience. So, they started searching for the right solutions to make this happen, and that is when the company came across the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Preventing school dropouts using ML and analytics

To build the states and cities of the future, we need educated, tech-savvy workers. When students drop out of school instead of continuing their education, both students and communities lose out on skills, talent and innovation. This is where the power of machine learning can step in: building better data can help leaders draw out crucial insights that change outcomes.